Thursday, May 26, 2011

BC Black Bear Hunt Gear List

Three weeks in the backcountry of Canada in pursuit of black bears is a lot of consecutive days in the field. To be sure that I am ready for all that Mother Nature throws at me, I have a very specific list of items that I am sure to bring along. Now keep in mind that I am driving to Canada with virtually unlimited space in my vehicle to store items that I will not be packing in.  This list will vary depending on where I am going.
Under Armour Clothing:

UA Hitch Lite Cushion Boot Sock

UA Base Layer Tops & Pants; 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0 depending on weather and hunting conditions
UA Evo Hoody
UA Evo Henley
UA Evo Pant
UA Zip Up Hoody
UA Quest Jacket & Pant
UA Gators
UA Womens Camo Glove
UA Hurlock Glove
UA Beanie
UA Baseball Hat
UA Speed Freek Boots

Swarovski Optik:
EL 42 SwarovisionBinoculars w/ Carrying Case, Cover & Bino Harness
65mm HD Spotting Scope w/ 20-60x Eyepiece

8x30 Laser Range Finder
Lens Wipes or Cleaner
Remington Model 700 300 Win Mag w/ Sling
*Shooting Sticks
*Shoot & See Targets
*Ear Protection
Elite Archery  Hunter 26” draw, 51#
2 Releases
Allen Wrench
String Wax
General Gear:
Flashlight & Headlamp
*Lantern w/ extra Mantles
Roll TP in Zip lock Bag
Baby Wipes Un-Scented
*Un-Scented Laundry Soap
Seating Cushion
Game Bags
Sleeping Bag
Garbage Bags
Small First Aid Kit
Mole Skin
Basic Medicine such as Aleve, Neosporin, Imodium, Throat Lozenges
Mosquito Repellant
Bear Spray
Wind Checker
Extra Batteries
Cloth Tape Measure
Flagging Tape
Wilderness Athlete Performance Bars
Wilderness Athlete Energy Gel
Wilderness Athlete Protein Plus
Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus Drink Formula
Mixed Nuts
Low Fat or Wild Game Pepperoni
Water or filter
Horse Tack:
This basic horse tack list is based off of my outfitter providing most of the needed equipment.
Saddle Bag
Decker Pack Saddle with Sling Ropes
Canvas Manties with Rope
Bow & Gun Scabbard
*Truck Equipment:
*400 Watt Inverter
*Power Strip

*Items that I use upon arrival buy may or may not pack into the backcountry

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