Sunday, October 30, 2011

Under Armour Hunt/Fish Fall Sales Meeting

Under armour-Always Lethal

Every October, the Under Armour Hunt/Fish division sales team meets in Baltimore MD, the home of Under Armour and the place where the most technologically advanced apparel in the world comes to life. This was my second year visiting the campus for this two day intensive product knowledge training session introducing our team to the fall 2012 Hunt/Fish catalog. 

One breach in security and subsequent de-boarding of my entire flight, three security checks, two connections and 16 hours later, I arrived in Baltimore MD. Under Armour is headquartered at the Tide Point campus, formerly the home for Proctor & Gamble detergent manufacturing. The massive five building campus boasts over 14 showrooms, an innovation lab, meeting spaces, a basketball court, gym and cafeteria. With over 1,000 on site employees, most of which are under the age of 35, the campus made me reminiscent of my college days.

Main building entrance.

Inside the lobby.

Hall images.

Basketball court.

Living wall in the cafeteria.

This young, bright, and passionate team works at a fast pace to stay ahead of the industry in the development of cutting edge products.Each one of Under Armour’s products is specifically designed to do something for you, the user. 

With a pen in hand and an awe struck mind at the thought process that goes into each garment, we went through the entire 181 page catalog, with the design team learning how each garment functions and how it makes you a better, more efficient, Always Lethal hunter. 

For 2012, Under Armour has expanded and enhanced its existing collections and added new collections. Under Armour will announce a new technology that will revolutionize traditional hunting apparel.

Launching new products that will make my life easier during extended stay trips into the backcountry, more comfortable and therefore allowing me to go deeper had my excitement meter maxed out.  

Hello ladies…don’t worry, Under Armour has all of us covered with even larger Hunting & Lifestyle Collections than last year, plus some other new things as well.  Unfortunately, I am unable to disclose the new and exciting technology and merchandise that Under Armour is adding until after January 2012, but I can assure you that you will be, Always Lethal.  

The Gore-Tex™ mobile truck was placed outside of the meeting room so that we could all experience the waterproof, breathable, windproof qualities of Gore-Tex™ outerwear first hand. I was covered head to toe in Gore-Tex™ apparel and doused in simulated wind and rain, not surprisingly, the apparel performed perfectly and I emerged completely dry. 

Dry underneath after the wind/rain test.
 Many of the employees at Under Armour having just graduated college must miss taking tests because as the day went on, we learned about how many of the new products and technologies were put to their own set of tests. We talked about simulated wear tests, wash tests, laboratory tests, and field tests. Everything is cutting edge and industry leading.

After spending so much time learning about all of the great new gear from Under Armour, we all had dinner at the PBR restaurant in Baltimore. A good time was had by all as you can see from the photos below.

Andrew Knopp from the Under Armour Hunt/Fish team.

Matt LaFond, UA Sales Rep.
The trip drew to a quick close and before I had an opportunity to shake my jet lag, I was on a flight back to Oregon excited for all that 2012 will bring. Stay tuned for more from Under Armour…

UA Hunt Facebook
Always Lethal Website

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